Your Child's Day

Free Play

  • Puppets, manipulatives, items for pretend play, blocks, puzzles
  • Occasionally add playthings that support that week’s learning unit

Circle Time

  • Welcome song
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Calendar
  • Recite the thought of the month
  • Show and Tell
  • Introduce new letter and number for the week

Learning Time

  • Worksheets (when applicable)
  • Individual and group learning centers
  • Quiet individual book time

Story Time

Snack Time

  • Children can interact amongst themselves
  • Sometimes reinforces the unit we’re on
  • Caters to special dietary needs

Unit Learning

  • Introduce a part of the weekly learning unit
  • Discussion time to see what the children know about it
  • Reinforcing activities to teach the learning unit

Art / Music / Activity Time

  • Art that is either just for fun or that reinforces the unit for the week
  • Learning new songs or musical activities
  • Use of musical rhythm instruments
  • Outdoor play activities when weather permitting

Closing circle time

  • Children get ready to go home
  • Pass out work or take home projects
  • Discussion of what they liked during the day
  • Review letters and their sounds by drill